What changes has the aid for patents in Lithuania undergone?

Authors: Dr. Jacekas Antulis, an Associated Partner in METIDA, the Head of Patent Division, Jurgita Jakstaite

The State aid for inventors is of particular importance at the beginning of the invention patenting path. Having taken advantage of the aid, inventors may commercialize their inventions almost for three years throughout the globe with much lower costs. In case of failure to commercialize an invention, the project is cancelled, but if the project seems to be beneficial in commercial terms, the patenting and more targeted commercialization works may be continued almost in all countries of the world.

Granting of aid for patenting in Lithuania started in 2006, however, the true age of gold for inventors, i. e. education establishments, business sector and natural entities, started in 2009 when the maximum compensation rate reached 100 per cent and inventors could receive money in advance. Thus, steady growth in patent applications submitted to the State Patent Bureau of the Republic of Lithuania has begun in 2009.

Two years ago, the compensation rate decreased down to 95 per cent. In 2010, the number of projects for aid has increased, a lot of inventors took advantage of the State aid for patenting and started showing a serious interest in possibilities for commercialization of their inventions.

In 2011, natural entities were marooned when a major part, namely 95 per cent, of the compensation for eligible costs was provided only to educational establishments and legal entities were granted 50 per cent. Only several companies took advantage of the aid, whereas other waited for more favourable aid conditions in 2012.

In 2012, new conditions, in accordance with which aid may be requested till 25 October 2012, have been created. In case of this aid, the previous aid compensation percentage, i.e. 95 per cent, has been restored. Such aid is intended for education establishments and legal entities; however, natural entities have disappeared from the list of applicants for aid. “Exclusion of natural entities” from the aid has raised dissatisfaction not only among natural entities, but among legal entities as well.

It is difficult to forecast what type of aid for patenting will be prepared in 2013; nevertheless, natural entities still hope that the aid will also include their sector.

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