The Eurasian Patent Organisation confidently moves to cyber space

Author: Dr. Jacekas AntulisAssociated Partner, Head of Patent Division at METIDA

euroasianNot so long ago all the information in the Eurasian Patent Organisation (EAPO) associated with Eurasian applications was stored on paper, however in the past few years the situation changed drastically. The Eurasian patent is becoming more and more important and valued as a protection document which ensures protection in many countries, spread from Eastern Europe to China. It is important to note that Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan form a homogeneous economic zone, therefore the protection of the intellectual property only in Russia is often not enough.

The quantity of Eurasian applications is not as big as in the European Patent Office (EPO). Specifically, in 2012 the Eurasian Patent Organisation received 3946 applications, which was 10% more than in 2011. However, the potential for growth is immense not only in the Member States of the Eurasian Patent Organisation, but also in Europe and Asia and especially in the latter, where the protection of intellectual property is developing at a very fast pace.

Big changes in the cyber space have been implemented in 2012 in the Eurasian Patent Organisation in order to ensure a fast performance and a high processing quality of an increasing quantity of the Eurasian applications. These changes are associated not only with the internal EAPO use, but with the external one as well.

In 2012 a new EAPO webpage was launched, which is distinguishable by its modern design with a clearer and more convenient presentation of information. The functional tools of this version were also optimised, which enabled to speed up and optimise search mechanisms.

An EAPO bulletin used to be released every second month, however in 2012 the publication system HIVE was significantly improved, which provided an opportunity to publish the bulletin every month supplying the cyber space with full inventions’ description texts.

In the same year the EAPO began using a new server based on EspaceNet v5. This system allows all information associated with Eurasian applications to be prepared and sent to the common worldwide patent information system. In this way, all the published Eurasian applications promptly appear in the patent database, which is accessible to everyone and to which one can connect through several different links, e.g.:

–    Espace Net

–    European patent register

–    Patentscope

In 2012 58% of all Eurasian applications were filed electronically using ADEPT or EAPO-ONLINE systems.

In the past few years ADEPT system has been improved installing additional RSA certificates which provided with an opportunity to file Eurasian applications from Belarus and even Ukraine. Ukraine is not a member of the EAPO yet, however applicants in the Ukraine would gladly file Eurasian applications from their own country if such opportunity existed. ADEPT improvement provides this opportunity. It is  like a ’bridge’ helping to receive a bigger quantity of Eurasian applications. EAPO-ONLINE system was also improved, which is currently the main tool for filing the Eurasian applications. ADEPT is about to be refused in 2013 after all of its functions are installed into EAPO-ONLINE.

A lot of attention was concentrated on improving the internal EAPO procedures associated with controlling the terminology in various stages of filing Eurasian applications. The EAPO has not only improved its internal bases, procedures and search mechanisms, but also shared these resources with science centres of different countries, libraries and education institutions. Currently, due to this service, the EAPO has signed appropriate contracts with Russia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and Armenia. Hence, the EAPO partakes not only in the process of patenting inventions, but also contributes to the innovative projects allowing its participants to use its internal search and information processing resources. This differs from the activity of the European Patent Office, whose internal resources are accessible only for the internal EPO use.

The EAPO is organising and financing various teaching projects associated with the rise of qualification while working with new EAPO resources in cyber space. Consequently, the Eurasian patent becomes more attractive from both – a commercial and procedural perspective.

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