‘Peetri Pizza’ Won Trademark Battle

Authors: Kaie Puur, Estonian Trademark and Design Attorney, Lawyer, Representative of METIDA in Estonia, Inga Lukauskiene, an Associate Partner, an Attorney-at-Law and a Patent Attorney at METIDA

No one could argue, that the symbol of Italy – pizza – is popular and known not only in Italy, but in chilly climes too. So there is no wonder that in Estonia was a dispute regarding the name of one pizzeria – this case was widely presented in Estonia’s business newspaper ‘Äripäev’.

There are 36 different pizzerias in Estonia under the trademark ‘Peetri Pizza’ which is being used under franchise agreements. The trademark belongs to Robinsoni Restoranid OÜ.

The opposite party in the court dispute was OÜ Temerger who had continued using the trademark ‘Peetri Pizza’ after the termination of franchise agreement in 2009. OÜ Temerger operated a pizzeria in Tallinn where they had a pizza called ‘Peetri Pizza’ on sale and it was packed also in the boxes of ‘Peetri Pizza’.

In 2010 OÜ Temerger changed the name of the pizzeria to ‘Pinna Pizza’ but the design and colors of the logo remained the same as it had been for ‘Peetri Pizza’.

Harju County Court confirmed that by using the trademark and similar sign OÜ Temerger had infringed the trademark rights of Robinsoni Restoranid OÜ.

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Trademark reg. no 15089 of Robinsoni Restoranid OÜ               The trademark as used in                                                                                                                 Robinsoni Restoranid OÜ 

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