More Attention is Paid to the Prevention of Illegal Domains

Internet1Author: Erikas Saukalas, Associate Partner, Attorney-at-Law, Head of the International Relations Division at METIDA

The trademark proprietors can always defend their domains in the courts, however it is always  preferable to take preventative measures to avoid disputes as well as time and financial costs associated with them.

Individuals should register not only the name, but also its various options as domains before starting any activity. This is especially true for the registration of a juridical person. The newly registered juridical persons’ names are made public, therefore other individuals can register the domain for you if you do not take care of the registration in time.

When registering domains it is important to decide whether to register only .lt domains or also other top-level domains, such as .eu. If a company is going to operate in other countries, it is recommended to register the national domains of those countries. However, it is not possible to register all domains worldwide, thus you should be selective and choose only those domains that are crucial to the company’s activities. Many Lithuanian companies still receive „warnings“ from Chinese companies stating that other individuals are attempting to register their company names or trademarks as .cn domains. These Chinese firms  offer their services related to domain registration to Lithuanian companies recommending them to register their trademarks as domains in order to avoid domain infringement. The purpose of these „warnings“ is quite clear – to force companies to register as many domains as possible which in fact tend to be useless.

If the company already possesses trademarks, it is important to assess their role to the company’s activity. If these trademarks are the main marks, it is necessary to register them as domains. However, some companies own dozens, and sometimes hundreds of marks, therefore it would be difficult to register domains under all their names. In this case, it is advisable to observe the market and take action when necessary.

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