Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway have been granted with the access to .eu top-level domains

European_Economic_Area.svgAuthors: Mykolas Jakutis, attorney assistant at METIDA, Inga Lukauskiene, associate partner, attorney and patent attorney at METIDA

Currently, any citizen, company or organisation in the European Union can register .eu top-level domains (TLD). However, since 8th January, 2014 the access to the .eu TLD has been granted for natural and juridical persons and organisations from the European Economic Area (EEA) countries. Hence, countries, such as Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway have also become eligible to register .eu domains.

This European Council’s decision was made on the basis of provisions of the .eu regulation (EC 733/2002), which anticipates the expansion of the .eu TLD in the EEA. According to Marc Van Wesemael, the General Manager of the organisation responsible for the registration of the .eu domains (EURid), Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway have constantly had close economic ties with the European Union, and thus the opportunity to register top-level .eu domains is a natural progression in continuing further mutual cooperation.

The annual research has shown that the .eu TLD is seen as a reliable and valuable domain. The residents and companies of the above mentioned countries will quickly encounter and appreciate .eu advantages (e.g. strong security procedures, the easy management and convenient databases).

More about the terms and conditions of TLD registration could be found here.

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