Analysis of Eurasian Patent Organization Annual Report for 2013 Year

Author: Dr. Jacekas Antulis, Associated Partner, Head of the Patent Division METIDA

398144161_1111bdfd66_zFor 18 years of its existence the Eurasian Patent Office (EAPO) for sure has become one of the four reputable intergovernmental organizations in the field of regional patenting of inventions. In this article we look at the main points of life of Eurasian Patent Office (EAPO) during 2013 year and try to see what is new, what is improved and what can be improved.

EAPO is going progressively to non-paper type of work. We expect that in the nearest future we will be able to see all documents related with certain published applications online including all history of communication between EAPO and representative, like it was implemented in European Patent Office (EPO). Also in the reporting year, the transition to a complete paperless processing of Eurasian applications and their electronic transfer for publication was completed.

In 2013 over 60% of all filed with EAPO applications were filed electronically, it shows that electronic filing is growing. In 2013 year Eurasian applications were filed in electronic form in two ways: through the ADEPT system of electronic filing and the EAPO-ONLINE system of electronic filing and exchange. At the end of the reporting year, ADEPT was removed of service, and the EAPO-ONLINE system was launched as a single system of electronic filing and electronic exchange.

Security level is also increased. In contrast to the ADEPT system, EAPO-ONLINE, which now is the only one system to file a patent application electronically to EAPO, offers more functionality and service capabilities, ensuring high level of information security of submitted materials and preventing unauthorized access.

Number of granted patents also is increasing. During 2013th year in EAPO were registered 1581 patents, which is 2.6% more than last year. Thus, examination procedure in EAPO become even more faster. Out of this number, 219 patents were granted to applicants from EAPC Member States, which constitutes about 14% from all grants in 2013. It means that EAPO organization is very attractive for applicants from foreign countries, i.e. – not from EAPC member States, which constitutes even about 86%. In comparison with ROSPATENT institution, where the number of patent applications, coming from Russia in 2013 year, is 28765, which constitutes about 64%; and the number of patent applications to ROSPATENT, coming from foreign countries in 2013 year, is 16149, which constitutes only 36%. Looking at these numbers we go to conclusion that in eyes of foreign applicants from Europe, US, and Asia – EAPO system is very attractive, in percentage much more attractive than direct filing to Russia through ROSPATENT.

The spectra of applicants’ countries of origin become broader. In 2013 year applicants from 59 countries became Eurasian patent holders. In 2012 year this number was 55.

However the number of filed patent applications with EAPO can be improved. 3435 Eurasian applications were filed with the EAPO in 2013 year. From the creation, already 36638 Eurasian applications were filed with the EAPO from 1996 to 2013. In 2013 year we see its decrease from 3946 (in 2012 year) to 3435 (in 2013 year). As in previous years, the largest number of applications was filed by applicants from the US: 779 applications, or 22.7% of all filings with EAPO; in 2012 year this number was 801. Also the number of patent applications with EAPO from Russia was significantly decreased: from 473 to 353. However, the number of patent applications with EAPO from other countries was slightly increased: from 902 to 921.

Thus, we hope that in 2014 EAPO will have more popularity in patent applications filing from all countries worldwide. Especially because of very nice, up to 80%, discounts from governmental fees for 126 countries worldwide including many fast growing Asian countries.

More information about Eurasian patent system and its benefits can be found here:

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