Word Trademark Dominates the IP Market

Author: Violeta Sutkiene, associated partner and head of the Trademark and Design Division at METIDA

Screen Shot 2015-02-19 at 15.52.04There are many types of trademarks that a trademark proprietor can decide to register- a word mark, a figurative mark, a colour, a sound or a hologram. The constant development of the trade and increase in the range of goods give rise to the birth of non-traditional trademarks which a consumer considers them to be marks distinguishing company’s goods from those of their competitors.  In 2014, 3 sounds, 23 colours and 568 three-dimensional marks were registered at the register of the Office for Harmonisation in the Internal Market (OHIM).

The Analysis of the applicants’ attempts to file trademark applications suggests that there were no drastic changes in 2014 in comparison to the penultimate years. Specifically, word marks remained to be the most popular type of trademark, as 63 378 applications subject to the word trademark registration were filed, i.e. 54% of all filed applications at OHIM. Figurative marks were in high demand too, i.e. 53 317 figurative trademark applications were filed last year. Three-dimensional trademarks were also favoured claiming third place in terms of popularity.

Every year the OHIM receives more and more Community trademark applications. However, the growth of the number of filed applications has not altered the trends in the trademark type registration and the classes of services and goods, i.e. word marks  have been mostly registered for cosmetics, perfume and beauty products. To be more precise, 42 093 trademark applications were filed for this class of goods.

Thus, why the word trademark registration is so popular? A possible explanation is that guaranteeing the protection of the product’s name is the most crucial when developing products and their packages or logos. Figurative marks, for example, can change in time, but when the distinctive elements are modified, the proprietors of these trademarks may struggle to use their exclusive rights.

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