Patent attorneys in Latvia are waiting for changes

Author: Evgenia Gainutdinova, Associated Partner, Latvian Patent, Trademark and Design Attorney, European Trademark and Design Attorney, Lawyer at METIDA

FOTO.DAR SUMAZINTASLatvia is looking forward to procedural changes of the IP practice enhanced by new Law on Industrial Property Institutions and Procedures will take effect on 1 January 2016.

We are continuing to inform our readers about the most significant changes said law will bring to Latvian legal frame of IP protection procedures. Previously title of the profession of patent attorney in Latvian language will be changed from ‘patentpilnvarotais’ to ‘patentpilnvarnieks’. Although it could not be translated into English language different then Patent attorney.

During discussions of the project of new law there was made a lot of proposals how Latvian Patent attorneys should organize their corporate work. It was proposed to Patent attorney association to undertake the function of qualifying of candidates to Patent attorney status, because currently this function maintains Latvian Patent office in cooperation with Latvian Patent attorney association.

Although finally the model of operation of the Association of Latvian Patent attorneys was changed and the following functions are included in the law:

  1. To participate in Patent attorney qualification examination;
  2. To formulate Patent attorney practise ethics principles and follow up adherence of set principles;
  3. Initiation and prosecution of disciplinary procedure against Patent attorney in ethics violation cases;
  4. Organize continuous professional development of Patent attorneys;
  5. Represent interests and position of Latvian Patent attorneys before the State, municipality institutions and officials;
  6. To past the opinion in the name of members of the association concerning legal provisions of IP protection and work of Latvian Patent attorneys;

One of most significant changes refers to right of the Association to make a decision to exclude a Patent attorney from the Patent attorney list as a result of the disciplinary case prosecution which is mandatory for director of the Patent office for execution.

Provision of representation before Latvian Patent office remains the same.

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